Brand new parties working in dollification is also known as “Owner”and you will “doll”; it is similar to a master/servant otherwise Dom/sub relationship

Brand new parties working in dollification is also known as “Owner”and you will “doll”; it is similar to a master/servant otherwise Dom/sub relationship

”deFUNition”: A term used contained in this glossary to suggest that the pursuing the text is intended to own activities, not to be taken seriously.

nappy companion (look for mature kid): 1. Person who clothing and you can/or part plays the fresh element of an infant otherwise infant. Advanced level funding 2. Individual who has actually sporting and/otherwise healing themselves when you look at the diapers, in place of always indulging inside the part enjoy.

punishment (get a hold of reward, punishment): One hobby where anyone teaches someone to act otherwise act in a selected means, usually by the implementing tight codes of carry out otherwise by the imposing abuse to own incapacity to act from the given way.

dollification: the procedure of evolving, emotionally and privately, toward a beneficial “way of living doll.” People who notice this process-plus people that are in the middle of the fresh new processes or have attained an effect-tends to be called “dolls,” and more than notice as well getting had.

Rational faculties of a toy tend to be however they are not limited to help you: exhilaration of objectification and you can natural subservience, the root often is switched through an individual’s own and/or external forces with the an income toy, fundamentally, the capability to getting/look for on your own during the an excellent dollific manner, which the doll usually continuously try to go and you may/otherwise boost.

Without the with such inherent services will incorporate him or her, it doesn’t transform that it’s element of whom they try by nature.

Dominant or Dom: Individual that exercises control in a good D/s relationship

Physical traits out of a toy-in the techniques or done-include but are not limited to help you: corsets, stiletto pumps, leg levels/pantyhose, rubber/vinyl/plastic provides, clothing, dresses, cosmetics, an such like. and another body variations. Long-hair to a shaved head, A-glass in order to DD (and you can huge), people height, clothed or perhaps not, still so you’re able to feisty-the newest physical qualities are all in line with each person toy and you can a unique go with and you will relationship with dollification.

Sooner an appropriate actual aspect of the model is decided ahead by model itself, an owner, or a mix of one another.

Note: You should realize that there’s absolutely no purpose right here to degrade or diminish the latest toy-such as, as it might seem to certain, when compared to the proprietor. Those who are used to Yards/s or D/s matchmaking know the inborn equality of such matchmaking, paradoxical though it may sound. –

This really is a good symbiotic dating: Yin and you may Yang

Domdrop: The fresh Principal/Top’s exact carbon copy of “subdrop.” Inside temporary, it’s an emotional condition caused by new abrupt get rid of out-of adrenalin out-of serious Sado maso play. It will reveal in various psychological responses, along with rage or depression. Simple fact is that cause aftercare is not just to have subs/soles.

home-based (always put on a slave or submissive): You to definitely whose choice is to serve primarily since a residential, such as cleaning, cooking, powering a family. There will otherwise may possibly not be sexual or other physical get in touch with active in the relationship.

Are used for either person Doms. (Look for Domina or Domme over. Including look for Grasp, Domme. Evaluate that have Most readily useful, which usually is the person that training handle in the an effective scene, and who may or may not be a dominant “regular”, or may possibly not be the newest Dominating of the individual are regulated in the world.

Dominate: To have power and influence over the other people. Into the D/s, essentially relates to having manage into the an electrical power replace dating. (Out of Latin dominus: “Lord, Grasp.”)

doormat: Identity due to “being went into.” (1) A normal vanilla look at the idea of distribution. (2) An excellent submissive who desires become handled given that insignificant, objectified, in order to suffice with little to no or no appearing out-of love or approval. Like an excellent submissive can sometimes desire getting a servant or service-dependent. Particularly a great submissive may be perfectly match and you will happy within role; not, it sel- during the stress” that have emotional and you will/otherwise care about-picture issues.