Expense Management Software Reviews 2022

Receipts can bescanned in real-timeand spendings can belogged directly in the systems. All transactions made with a Weel virtual card require a corresponding expense report to be complete. The Weel expense management system ensures that you get the information you need for your reporting.

What is expense management software

The first isgeneral reports, consisting of details of each employee’s expense information. You haveindividual and corporate dashboardsto manage personal and company expenditures differently. With the software, you canimport transactions from your credit card. The toolalerts you of spendings over the fixed threshold, adds tax groups, and fixes exchange rates. Freshbooks not only doesn’t require you to have prior accounting knowledge but itautomatesexpensetracking.With a few clicks, you canorganizeeverything without any headache. The platform allows you tofollow up on clients, track costs, and organize your business more efficiently.You can automate the majority of your accounting work and organize online payments faster.


Using a manual process or even supplementing it with spreadsheets opens the doors for errors in submitted reports. Spotting the mistakes can be labor intensive and a significant drain on time. Missing information can create bottlenecks in the process, not only tying up the approver’s schedule but causing long delays in reimbursing legitimate claims.

What is expense management software

The expense management process electronically captures invoices, matches documents, and then screens, reviews, approves, tracks, and reimburses employee expenses. You’ll also need to consider the requirements needed from expense management software according to your industry. Are there a lot of SaaS subscriptions and product licences to be managed? Depending on the answers to these questions, you’ll want to go with the product that can meet the most of your demands.

Expensify allows automatingexpense grouping by type.This way the software distributes expenses to the right employee and business tasks. It also ensures that employees will bereimbursed faster.Users can pre-set policies and approvals so they don’t have to go back and forth approving expenses. Once the rules are set the platform controls how expenses are reported and accounted for.

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Another way to create an approval workflow is the spend-centric approach, where you can set different approvers for different amounts of spending. This way your teams don’t have to worry about going over the budget. This feature is useful for mid-market and large companies where a lot of flexibility is required when creating approval workflows.

What is expense management software

Without any requirement for installing additional infrastructure, the software can recover saving fast on implementation cost. The implementation took longer than expected, however now the product is up and running great. Overall, this product has dramatically reduced the resources needed for our AP entry and reconciliation. Also the OE team is very responsive and open to creating customizations to better suit the product to our business.

While members can put in requests for approvals, only administrators can create multi-level approvals. You can also appoint members as approvers but a member cannot be the sole approver of their own requests. Our policies streamline the request structure for you and help you budget your expenses better. As an admin, you can set up 5 levels of approval workflow for requests and reimbursement.

The needs of a small or medium-sized business differ from that of enterprise giants. An expense management system is software that simplifies the employee expense reimbursement process by automating much of it. The software reduces the need for paper, lowers the amount of time spent handling expenses and minimizes errors. The best expense tracking software is the one that best suits your needs and budget. Expense management platforms vary and while our list gathers the most popular and well-designed, it all depends on what you’re business is and what it needs.

Trends In Expenses Management Software

In the previous section, we talked about the challenges the expense management software helps you fight in maintaining fool-proof employee reimbursement and reconciliation. The following consists of the benefits and how it helps overcome the challenges. However, with the automation of expense management, the records are digitized which automatically cuts down the efforts. But that’s not all, you also have hierarchies, approvals, and records of all exceptions that took place in expense management.

Second biggest General and Administrative expense for most companies. A big-scale company may spend 10-30% more on travel if not managed well. This could affect the EBITDA by lowering it by 1%, which is a significant number on a bigger scale. Thus, our expense monitoring solution has a dedicated category for travel with an exclusive format.