Quite a lot of people are curious about how to screen print their own clothes at home. The reason is that coming to a screen printing service requires you to make a large number of t-shirts. Besides the long turnaround time, you can’t wait to see your t-shirt. For this reason, many people are looking for ways to screen print their own clothes at home. Curious about how? Check out the reviews below:

How to Screen Printing Your Own Clothes

1. Using the DTG Screen Printing Technique

There are many types of screen printing techniques for print t shirt that you can try yourself at home. But you need to know that each of these screen printing techniques has its own advantages and disadvantages. There is one technique that is easy to do but the resulting color does not last long. There are also techniques that are quite difficult for you to do yourself at home but actually produce long-lasting colors. Make sure to choose the one that suits your needs.

One of the easiest screen printing techniques that you can try yourself at home is with a DTG machine. The screen printing technique using the DTG machine is very easy to do, you can even do it yourself at home. Because this screen printing technique uses a printing machine that is simple, easy and can be done at home.

This DTG screen printing technique is done by utilizing a digital screen printing technique using a DTG or Direct to Garment machine. This special printer machine will allow you to make t-shirts in individual quantities to wholesale. Working in a similar way to a regular printer, this DTG machine will make it easier for you to make your own t-shirts at home.

2. Manual Screen Printing with Special Paint

Apart from using a DTG machine or digital screen printing, there are several other screen printing techniques that you can try yourself at home. One of them is manual screen printing technique. This method of print t shirt is basically much more complicated than the digital screen printing technique. It takes a lot of equipment to make sure you can run this manual screen printing technique at home.

Usually, how to screen print your own clothes using the manual technique requires complete materials and equipment. Consists of rubber ink, binder, glue board, emulsifier drug, liquid to clean the afdruk and so on. You can buy all these materials and equipment at screen printing and other chemical stores.

But this time it’s not a manual screen printing technique like in general that you can try at home. Rather it is a manual technique by painting the motif and attaching it directly to the shirt. For example, if you already have a shirt motif design, make the motif into a mold such as an iron frame or plain paper. After that you can paste the print on the shirt after it is covered with paint. Lift the t-shirt and your homemade motif is already beautifully attached to the t-shirt.

3. Screen Printing

Don’t forget to use this technique in your screen printing method, where this technique will put pressure on the ink at the top of the screen.

The process of applying this pressure is so that the ink is pushed to penetrate the screen and stick and be absorbed in the fabric. However, this technique is an old technique in the world of screen printing, where this technique is also divided into 2 categories, namely manual screen printing and automatic screen printing.

Where the technique manual screen printing was first discovered, plus this technique requires a lot of time and effort. For self-automated techniques using their own machines can be done easily and save time in work.

4. Polyflex screen printing

This type of screen printing is a sticker affixed to the fabric, generally this type of screen printing uses vinyl material. Where the vinyl material will be cut using a cutter machine, where this process is almost the same as the process of cutting a sticker that will be affixed to a car or motorcycle.

Later the vinyl strip will be affixed to the transfer paper, then the transfer paper will be attached to the cloth and heated using a heat press. When it is heated, gently remove the transfer paper where the vinyl will be firmly attached to the fabric.

Generally, this technique is widely used on soccer jerseys, therefore don’t forget to use this technique in how to screen print later. Of course, each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It’s not complicated and the results are guaranteed, shirt printing at a t-shirt making service

Basically, these various screen printing techniques are very easy to do yourself at home. However, inadequate equipment constraints can make screen printing quality worse. The results are also not as good as you would expect. Of course, it is very unpleasant to see your screen printing results are not neat and look bad when used.

The easiest way to make your own clothes is to come to a place or service that offers t-shirts. This way you can create your own t-shirt design as needed. You also have the right to determine the color to the type of t-shirt material that feels more comfortable and of course makes you confident when wearing it.

More than that, this t-shirt-making service usually does not only serve the manufacture of t-shirts in large quantities. But also serve the manufacture of unit t-shirts that suit your needs. The great thing is that t-shirt-making services have now freed up consumers to create their own t-shirt designs and models. With the best technique, how to screen print your own clothes at the printing house will give the best results so they are cooler to wear.